Conference Services

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Like our educational program, the Triad – singular in higher education – WWC Conference Services strives to create a unique experience for guests and community partners through our exceptional customer service, community/guest involvement and collaboration, bringing the campus community and off-campus guests together in meaningful ways.


The Triad consists of three interwoven strands of experience: academics in the liberal arts tradition, a campus-wide work program in which all students participate, and service learning. The Triad is infused with a sustainability ethic and cross-cultural understanding that are all integral parts of the College’s history and founding philosophy.

Building Community Through Partnerships

The Conference Office is responsible for scheduling and arranging all campus-related aspects for conferences/rentals held on the Warren Wilson campus by off-campus groups, as well as internal programs, such as the MFA Program and Swannanoa Gathering. As such, we create partnerships with the local community and enhance an understanding and appreciation by contracting with groups that may, in some way, share the mission of the college. Much of the programming scheduled through the Conference Office during the academic year leads to direct involvement with academic classes and work crews, as well as potential service opportunities.