Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Withdrawing from a Course

Any course dropped following the Add/Drop period will remain on the student's permanent record and is counted in the course load for the semester as hours attempted. If the course is dropped before the end of the first four weeks of a term course, or the first nine weeks of a semester course, a grade of "W" (withdrawn non-punitive) will be assigned. Withdrawing from any course following the fourth week of a term course or the ninth week of a semester course will automatically result in a grade of "WF" (withdraw failing), regardless of the student's performance in the course. A grade of "WF" is figured as an "F" in the calculation of the GPA. A grade of "W" will not figure in the calculation of the GPA. For withdrawal from the college, see also Withdrawal and Charge Policy.

Because of the Modular Academic Calendar, it is possible to withdraw from a 16-week semester course or an eight-week term course in the first term of a semester, and add another eight-week term course in the second term of the semester. There is a charge if the combination of course withdrawal and the addition of another course results in a semester course load of more than 18 credit hours. (See Course Load.)