Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Admission to Warren Wilson College represents a selection based on both the personal and the academic qualifications of the applicant. All available information is considered, including previous school record, evidence of academic and social maturity, extracurricular activities, community service, scores on the SAT or ACT, interview, references, recent grade trends, and general contributions to school and community. The criteria are designed to build a balanced student body with high standards of scholarship, personal integrity, serious educational and personal goals, and a willingness to support the mission of the College. The College is positively attentive to race, gender, disability, and age. Contact the Admission office at 800-934-3536 for more information.

The Admission Committee requires that candidates possess a high school diploma, with completion of twelve academic units (a unit is one year's study in a subject). A college preparatory curriculum, showing competency in the following subjects, is required:

Interviews are not required but strongly recommended.