Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Courses in Business Administration (BA)

BA 120 Consumer Finance 4cr

A basic economic "survival" course particularly intended for non-business majors. Through a non-theoretical approach, such topics as personal income, budgeting, borrowing, insurance, real estate purchase, wills and estates, and investments are considered. The purpose of the course is to help students equip themselves to survive in the complex economic environment of contemporary American society; to become rational, critical consumers; and to acquaint themselves with sources of information and techniques that can aid in maximizing satisfaction within typical constraints of income and time. Textbooks are supplemented with outside readings, including current periodicals, and field trips are typically taken to various businesses, such as a used car dealer or funeral home. There is extensive in-class discussion and problem-solving, and there is an in-class investment game each term.

BA 121 Marketing and Advertising 4cr

An overview of marketing and advertising from a managerial perspective. Topics will include marketing channels, marketing management, pricing, promotion, and marketing research, plus basic forms of advertising – including voice and print media and the internet. Extensive use of actual case studies, with local, national, and international perspectives.

BA 201 Accounting I 4cr

An introduction to accounting dealing mainly with financial accounting. A textbook, working papers, use of computers with spreadsheet programs, and an extensive amount of homework are required. Students will be introduced to the use of computerized spreadsheets and upon finishing the course should be able to set up and operate an accounting system for a small business. Required of all business majors; usually taken in the sophomore year.
Prerequisite:None; sophomore standing recommended.

BA 202 Accounting II 4cr * (2004-05)

The second course in accounting, a continuation of BA 201, dealing with managerial accounting at an introductory level. It includes the use of computers and spreadsheets.
Prerequisite:BA 201 Accounting I.

BA 212 Management and Leadership in Organizations 4cr

An introduction to management and leadership theory and applications. Main topics include the differences between management and leadership, basic managerial functions, approaches to management and leadership, motivational strategies, organizational structure, management of technology and goods, time and stress management, international management issues, and organizational change. Emphases on social responsibility and ethical decision making are integrated throughout the course.

BA 290-298 Special Topics in Business 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Business. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

BA 299 Independent Study 1-4cr

BA 304 Managerial Finance 4cr * (2005-06)

Techniques and problems of financing organizational operations are considered from the viewpoint of financial management. Topics include forms of organization, ratio analysis, budgeting, securities markets, financial instruments, liquidation and reorganization, corporate legal environments, the use of leverage, and break-even analysis. The purpose of the course is to provide students with a broad background knowledge of the field of managerial finance.
Prerequisite:ECO 201 Microeconomics, BA 201 Accounting I, or permission of instructor.

BA 309 Business Law 4cr * (2004-05)

An introduction to the history and development of the law, with particular reference to those parts of special interest to business and commerce, including the laws of contracts, agency, property, and estates. The case method is used, with classroom discussion, a textbook, and outside readings.
Prerequisite:Sophomore standing or permission of instructor.

BA 310 Introduction to Non-profit Management 4cr

An exploration of the wide variety of issues faced by managers/employees in non-profit organizations. Topics include managing volunteers, public and client relations, grant writing, budget management, accounting/reporting requirements, staff motivation and performance, mission development, strategic planning, staffing, and a few more. A discussion based course integrating study with personal experience and career exploration.
Prerequisite:Junior or Senior standing or permission of instructor.

BA 313 Small Business Management 4cr

Introduction to the multi-faceted nature of managing a small business. Course will touch on entrepreneurship issues, but will primarily focus on managing existing small businesses. Topics include managing employees, inventory management, accounting and financial concerns, merchandising, sales, planning and scheduling, basic legal issues, customer relations, and strategic partnerships/alliances. Designed for business majors and people with small business experience. Students will partner with local small businesses to provide context and content for learning and assignments.
Prerequisites:ECO 201 Microeconomics, BA 201 Accounting I, and BA 212 Management and Leadership in Organizations

BA 315 The Art and Science of Managing People 4cr

An integrated approach to the topics of human resource management and organizational behavior. Broad range of topics, including human cognition, individual differences, motivation, conflict and conflict resolution, managing diversity, group dynamics, employee recruitment, hiring, training and development, reward and discipline structures, and organizational change. Emphasis on balancing individual and organizational needs with underlying theme of communication throughout. An activities based class designed to develop your skills in managing others.

BA 399 Independent Study 1-4cr

BA 410 Seminar in Non-profit Management 4cr

Advanced study of non-profit organizations, focusing on the management of growth and change. Designed for majors and students who will be developing careers/working in the non-profit sector after graduation. Topics include financial management, fund-raising, grant writing, strategic partnerships, employees and volunteer development, and current issues in the non-profit sector. Students will develop a grant proposal for an actual RFP (requests for proposals from funding agencies) during the course. Extensive outside research and projects.
Triad:College Composition II
Prerequisites:BA 212 Management and Leadership in Organizations and BA 310 Introduction to Non-Profit Management

BA 413 Seminar in Entrepreneurship 4cr

Advanced study and projects in Entrepreneurship. Emphasis on the legal, structural, and financial aspects of entrepreneurship. Students will develop a complete business plan for a business they hope to open. Course will include numerous guest speakers, visits to local small businesses, class discussions, and case analyses. Extensive outside research and networking required. Class is designed to help jump start careers and put your education into action. p College Composition II
Prerequisites:BA 309 Business Law and BA 313 Small Business Management

BA 480 Business Policy 4cr * (2002-03)

A case study approach to solving business and economic problems requiring extensive research capabilities and encompassing nearly all business and economic situations of the corporation. Cases will be analyzed and discussed to seek out a variety of alternatives.
Prerequisites:BA 201 Accounting I, ECO 201 Microeconomics, and BA 212 Management and Leadership in Organization or permission of instructor.

BA 489 Internship in Business 1-8cr

Provides an experiential learning opportunity in which skills and knowledge learned in course work can be applied and tested through work with an off-campus business or non-profit agency. Students' preferences as to type of organization or business are matched with available area firms to the extent possible. Some on-campus internships may be developed.
Prerequisites:Business and Economics major, senior standing or permission of the department and a 2.5 overall QPA

BA 490-498 Special Topics in Business 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Business. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

BA 499 Independent Study 1-4cr