Warren Wilson College Catalog 06-07

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Engineering and Applied Science Dual Degree Program

Liaison Officer: Donald F. Collins

Warren Wilson College has a cooperative program with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, as a corresponding institution in a combined program in liberal arts and engineering. In this "dual degree" program a student attends Warren Wilson College for three years and completes the Warren Wilson College general education requirements and the dual degree entrance requirements for Washington University. The student then attends Washington University for two years as a dual degree student. At the end of five years the student earns two degrees: a B.A. in Pre-Engineering from Warren Wilson College and a B.S. in Engineering from Washington University. The B.S. in Engineering is a professional degree in one of the following disciplines:

Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Engineering and Public Policy, Mechanical Engineering, Systems Science and Engineering

The dual degree program offers many advantages to the student in contrast to a straight engineering program. In addition to receiving a highly technical education, the student receives a broad liberal arts education. The dual degree program provides a way for a liberal arts student to earn a professional degree. Qualified students with technical deficiencies upon graduating from high school have a chance to make up those deficiencies while at Warren Wilson College. Students receive the advantages of a small college with extensive faculty-student interaction as well as the larger variety of courses of the large university.

Admission to the Dual Degree Program at Washington University

Washington University Requirements: The dual degree program is academically demanding, as is any engineering program. To be assured (not guaranteed) admission, the student must complete at least 60 credits of transferable courses with an overall grade point average of B (3.0 out of 4.0). Courses with grades below C do not transfer. The student must also be recommended by the dual degree program liaison officer at Warren Wilson.

  1. Required for all disciplines
    CHM 116 Chemistry I
    CHM 117 Chemistry II
    CHM 331 Thermodynamics: Physical Chemistry I
    CHM 332 Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Dynamics: Physical Chemistry II
    MAT 201 Computer Science I
    MAT 202 Computer Science II
    MAT 241 Calculus I
    MAT 242 Calculus II
    MAT 243 Multivariable Calculus
    MAT 251 Differential Equations
    PHY 251 Physics I
    PHY 252 Physics II

  2. Required for Chemical Engineering:
    CHM 225 Organic Chemistry I
    CHM 226 Organic Chemistry II

  3. Required for Computer Science discipline:
    MAT 303 Data Structure
    MAT 304 Computer Organization

  4. Humanities and Social Sciences: At least 18 credits in the Humanities and Social Sciences. No more than 9 of these credits will be accepted from the performing arts or skills courses. At least 8 credits of the 18 must be concentrated in one department or area with at least one course of the 8 units at the 300-400 level. Courses having a distinctly mathematics and/or natural science content, even if listed under a humanities or social science department, are not accepted for the humanities requirement (e.g. economic statistics, accounting, psychology, symbolic logic).

Warren Wilson College Requirements: Warren Wilson College general education program requirements satisfy the Washington University humanities and social sciences requirement except for the area concentration and a 300-400 level course in one discipline.

  1. The Warren Wilson College writing competency requirement must be met (College Composition I and II).
  2. The Warren Wilson College service requirement must be completed in order for Warren Wilson College students to enter the dual degree program. The required hours are prorated according to the number of years the student is in residency at the college. For example, a student in residence for three years must complete three-fourths of the Warren Wilson College service hours in order to enroll at Washington University. The final semester grades from Warren Wilson College will not be released until the service is documented. At the time of application to the dual degree program, 75 percent of the prorated service must have been completed before the student will be recommended to the program. Students planning for the dual degree program should keep the dual degree liaison officer informed of their service requirement progress.

Dual Degree Engineering Affiliation Scholarship

Up to one candidate entering the dual degree program in his/her junior year at Washington University will be selected for the Dual Degree Engineering Affiliation Scholarship awarded by Washington University. This scholarship consists of half the tuition to Washington University for each of the two years at Washington University. The nominee is selected by the Warren Wilson College Dual Degree Liaison Officer. To be eligible, the candidate must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above from Warren Wilson College, must enter Washington University, and must currently have junior year standing at Warren Wilson College (i.e., he/she must follow the "3-2" schedule rather than the "4-2" schedule).