Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Financial Aid

Warren Wilson College provides an educational opportunity for many students who might otherwise not be able to attend college. The College endeavors to keep expenses at a minimum by offering a substantial and comprehensive financial aid program to those who are eligible.

The bases for determining eligibility are the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the Warren Wilson College Financial Aid and Scholarship Application (WWCFASA). The FAFSA and WWCFASA must be filed each year that a student wishes to be considered for aid. The amount of assistance from the College may increase or decrease from one year to the next depending on the financial circumstances of the family. The evaluated need will be offered to the student as long as funds remain available and the student continues to make satisfactory progress toward completion of a course of study.

Federal and State Programs Available

The College cooperates with all federal and state educational assistance agencies including the Veterans Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, and other agencies that aid students in obtaining a post-secondary education. Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loans, Federal Family Education Loan Program, and all state programs are channeled through the College to the students.

Additional information may be obtained from the Financial Aid or Admission Offices, Warren Wilson College, P.O. Box 9000, Asheville, NC 28815-9000.

Other Loans

Warren Wilson College has an emergency loan fund for students who need to borrow a limited amount for a short period (usually 30 days). If the student has proven need, loans for educational costs with a long-term repayment option are also available through the College.

Financial Aid Deadline

The priority date for applications for financial aid for the fall semester is April 1. Applications completed prior to this date will be given priority in the award process for grants and scholarships. APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER APRIL 1 WILL BE HANDLED ON A DATE-PRIORITY BASIS. The availability of need-based grants is limited.

Campus Work Program

All resident students, regardless of their financial resources, participate in the Campus Work Program. In addition to the work program during the academic year, the College offers work contracts during the summer and other vacation periods. Students may apply to the Work Program Office for break employment.


Academic Honor Scholarships: Warren Wilson College offers honor scholarships based on academic achievement and promise, not on financial need. To be considered, the student should request an application form from the Admission Office. Scholarship awards range from $1,000 to $5,000. There is an early deadline of March 15 for receipt of these applications.

North Carolina Students: Full-time students who are residents of North Carolina will receive a North Carolina Legislative Tuition Grant. The North Carolina General Assembly sets the award amount for each year (2003-2004 was set at $1,800 but varied with the state budget). This award is not based on need; however, residency must be verified. Applications are available from the Financial Aid Office.

For Western North Carolina Students: Western North Carolina students are encouraged to apply for a McClure Scholarship by writing to the James G.K. McClure Educational Foundation, Hickory Nut Gap Road, Route 1, Box 105, Fairview, NC 28730. The McClure scholarships are competitive. An award is approximately $2,000 for the freshman year only.

For Presbyterian Students: Members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) may apply for a Presbyterian College Scholarship. The scholarship is competitive. To be eligible, a student must complete a scholarship application form prior to December 1 of the high school senior year. This form is available by writing to National Presbyterian College Scholarships, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Church Vocations Unit, Financial Aid for Studies, Mezzanine, 100 Witherspoon Street, Louisville, KY 40202-1396. A son or daughter who is a dependent of a Presbyterian minister will automatically receive a $1,000 grant upon enrolling at Warren Wilson College. Warren Wilson College will match up to $1,000 any scholarship provided by a Presbyterian Church to one of its students. The scholarship from the congregation must be applied to tuition charges. For further information, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Required Financial Aid Forms

Obtain a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from a high school guidance counselor or the College Financial Aid Office. Send the completed form to the address indicated, designating Warren Wilson College by code number and address (002979; Asheville, NC). (FAFSA on the web is www.fafsa.ed.gov.)

A student who wishes to apply for institutional grants or loans must complete both the FAFSA and the Warren Wilson College Financial Aid and Scholarship Application (WWCFASA). The WWCFASA is available from the Admission Office.

North Carolina students should complete the FAFSA prior to March 15 to be considered for the North Carolina State Student Incentive Grant. Students from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, and Vermont are encouraged to apply for a grant from their states of residence.

After an applicant has been officially accepted for admission to the College, the request for financial aid will be considered.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards

Students receiving Title IV federal funds or need-based state grants are required to make satisfactory academic progress toward a degree or certificate in order to maintain eligibility for this aid. Minimum standards require that a student remain off academic probation and pass 12 credit hours each semester. In reviewing a student's progress, these standards are applicable regardless of whether or not financial aid has previously been received.

Minimum number of hours: All hours refer to "semester" hours as used at Warren Wilson College. The following minimum number of hours (credits) MUST be passed with a "D" and higher: a) FULL-TIME (required of all resident students) = minimum of 12 hours per semester; b) THREE-QUARTER TIME = minimum of 9 hours per semester; or, c) HALF-TIME = minimum of 6 hours per semester.

Incompletes: Warren Wilson College allows two weeks into the following semester for a student to finalize an "incomplete." Satisfactory Progress determination will be made following this two-week period. Failure to finalize an incomplete can result in the immediate termination of aid retroactive to the first day of classes. (No credit is given for grades of W or WF; however, a WF is computed in the QPA as an "F".)

Repeats: The credits for a repeat class are counted only once toward graduation. The higher grade will be counted in the QPA. Aid will not be adjusted retroactively for lost credits from an earlier semester. It is strongly recommended that a repeat course be taken as an addition to 12 other credit hours in case a higher grade is not made.

Minimum QPA: A student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average based upon hours attempted as defined by the Scholastic Standards Committee and published in detail in the Student Handbook.

Maximum Length of Eligibility: Eligibility ends with the completion of the academic requirements for the degree or certificate. Length of eligibility is determined on the assumption that a student is capable of completing degree requirements within a maximum of 5 years (10 semesters) as a full-time student. Less than full-time enrollment will be evaluated as stated in minimum number of hours. To graduate within this maximum period of 10 semesters, the following minimum percentages of work should be completed: after 2 semesters, 20%; 4 semesters, 40%; 6 semesters, 60%; 8 semesters, 80%; and 10 semesters, 100%.

Transfer Students: A transfer student is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress upon acceptance for admission. To prorate the remaining number of semesters of financial aid eligibility available at Warren Wilson College, divide the number of hours accepted for transfer by 13 and subtract the results from 10 (semesters). The fraction is totally disregarded (dropped). Transfer students will be provided a minimum of two (2) semesters of aid eligibility to satisfy the College's academic residency requirement. (i.e. 10 Semesters -- Number Hours Transferred /13 = Semesters of Remaining Eligibility)

Continuing and Readmitted Students: (who are also first-time aid recipients): The eligibility of these students will be based upon the academic performance of their most recent semester's course work at Warren Wilson College.

Financial Aid probation: One (1) semester of financial aid probation will be automatically granted following the aid recipient's first semester of failing to meet the above Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards. If, during the probationary period, the student fails to pass a minimum of 12 credit hours and/or fails to raise the cumulative QPA to that defined by Scholastic Standards, aid eligibility will be terminated until these Standards are met. Only one semester of financial aid probation will be automatically granted. In the event of personal illness or injury, a written, documented appeal for one additional semester of aid may be made.

If the student is not on academic or financial aid probation, yet fails to successfully complete the minimum number of credit hours during the spring semester, s/he may opt to attend summer school to complete the additional hours needed. The course work taken at another institution must be accepted as transfer credit by Warren Wilson College. Check with the WWC Registrar to determine whether a particular course at another institution would qualify for transfer credit. It is the student's responsibility to provide documentation of completed hours to the Director of Financial Aid. (Transfer credit will not be calculated into the cumulative QPA.)

If Financial Aid Probation is denied, but the student is otherwise academically eligible to return to Warren Wilson College, s/he will not be eligible for federal, state (other than the NC Legislative Tuition Grant), or institutional grants or loans. After one semester without aid, the student will be evaluated for satisfactory progress unless the maximum time has expired. If QPA and number of completed hours are satisfactory, eligibility for federal and state aid will be restored for the following semester and again subject to automatic termination whenever Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards are not met.