Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Environmental Leadership Center

The mission of the Environmental Leadership Center (ELC) is to raise awareness of local, national, and global realities and to inspire caring citizens --especially youth-- to reflect, to communicate, and to act as responsible caretakers of the earth.

Students may participate in a variety of ELC programs: 1) teach EcoTeam -- a seven-unit, science-based, environmental education curriculum -- to Buncombe County third graders; 2) participate in paid summer internships at the finest environmental organizations in the Americas (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Audubon's Seabird Restoration Project, Costa Rica's Tropical Forestry Initiative, Programme for Belize, Rocky Mountain Institute, and more); 3) apply for seed grants to support campus environmental projects; 4) record environmental essays for the ELC's Swannanoa Journal, a twice-monthly broadcast on public radio aired in a five-state region; 5) contribute to the newsletter Catalyst and the annual journal Heartstone (ELC publications with national readership); 6) interact with visiting ELC speakers like Jane Goodall, Thomas Berry, E.O. Wilson, and David Orr; 7) become a regional presenter for the ELC's speaker's bureau.