Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Visiting Scholars and Lyceum Programs

Each year Warren Wilson College invites important scholars, researchers, artists, musicians, and other individuals to the campus. In recent years, the College has hosted members of the North Carolina Shakespeare Company, the North Carolina African-American Dance Ensemble, Northern Harmony Shapenote Singers, sculptor Robert Lobe; and spiritual leaders representing Native American traditions, Thai Buddhism, and North American religions and spiritual movements. Environmentalists Carl Leopold of the Boyce Thompson Institute at Cornell University, David Orr of Oberlin College, Amory Lovins of the Rocky Mountain Institute, and Lee Pasarew of the United States Environmental Protection Agency are recent visiting scholars. Other recent scholars are Aurora Lim, chemical engineer, and Lynn Pareja, women's studies specialist at Central Philippines University; Stefana Roussenova, Fulbright scholar in dissident literature at the University of Sofia, Bulgaria; Godwin Mbamalu of Johnson C. Smith University; Neal Mangham, President of the School for International Training; Parker Palmer, national leader in higher education; and Sociologist Suchart Setthamalinee, Payap University, Thailand.

In addition to visiting scholars and activists in the arts and sciences, the Warren Wilson College Lyceum Program sponsors a series of foreign and domestic films and special events complementing the intellectual life of the academic community. Lyceum's support of Appalachian Day festivities and Warren Wilson's International Week reflects the breadth of the community's interest. Regular lecture series include the William Faulds Lecture on religion and the G.D. Davidson Roundtable on Christian vocation.