Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Faculty: John Casey, Sally Fischer, Louly Konz, Virginia McKinley, David Mycoff (Chair), Jeanne Sommer

The Humanities major is designed to serve the needs of well-disciplined and self-motivated students who work well independently. It offers a comprehensive overview of the humanities, including courses in history, literature, philosophy, religion, music, art, and theatre. Students are encouraged both to select courses from a wide range of offerings and to concentrate study in a particular area of interest.

Students must select an advisor from the Humanities Major Committee. To begin work on the Humanities major, a student applies for the major on the form provided by a member of the Humanities Major Committee, no later than the beginning of the junior year. (Students who delay declaring the major should realize they may delay their date of graduation.)

Students should begin planning as early as possible for the Senior Humanities Project. The pamphlet "Guidelines for Completing the Senior Humanities Project'' gives information concerning preparation of a project proposal and selection of a project supervisor and a faculty committee of readers. Deadlines for completed Senior Humanities Project proposals are April 1 for fall semester projects and November 1 for spring semester projects, or as otherwise announced by the chair of the Humanities Committee.

Major in Humanities

Grades: a minimum grade of C must be earned in each course to count toward the Humanities major.

Requirements: A minimum of 40 credits including:

  1. Two courses from the following (8 credits):
    ENG 335 Medieval Life and Literature
    ENG 336 Literature and Culture of the Renaissance
    ENG 337 Romanticism
    ENG 338 Literature and Culture of the Victorian Period
    ENG 344 Literature and Culture of the Restoration and Queen Anne Period
    ENG 345 Literature and Culture of the Enlightenment Period
    HIS 120 Western Civilization: Ancient Greece to 1450
    INT 316 Medieval Islamic Cultures
    PHI 353 Science, Perception, and Reality in Modern Philosophy
    PHI 354 Existentialism and Phenomenology

  2. Four credits each from four of the following areas (16 credits). The courses must not be ones used to satisfy Section 1 requirements. Courses other than those listed may be used if approved by the Humanities major committee.

    Visual Arts
    ART 145 Art History I: Ancient through Medieval
    ART 146 Art History II: Renaissance through Modern
    ART 330 Contemporary Art Issues

    ENG 130 Scriptural and Doctrinal Backgrounds to Western Culture
    ENG 131 Classical Backgrounds to Western Culture
    ENG 151 Introduction to Fiction
    ENG 155 Introduction to Reading Poetry
    ENG 223 Survey of American Literature
    ENG 255-257 Selected Nineteenth-Century Authors
    ENG 260-264 Readings in the Humanities
    ENG 339 Modernism
    ENG 340 Chaucer
    ENG 341 Shakespeare
    ENG 343 Milton
    ENG 351-353 Selected Twentieth-Century Authors
    ENG 390 Junior Honors: Selected Classics
    ENG 488 Senior Honors: Selected Classics

    Any course(s) except HIS 236 North Carolina History

    Modern Languages
    LAN 455 Hispanic Short Stories and Poetry

    MUS 109 Introduction to Music
    MUS 255 Jazz Appreciation
    MUS/THR 280 Opera as Drama

    Philosophy Any course(s) except PHI 255 Philosophy of Science and Logic

    Political Science *

    Religious Studies *

    ENG 250 Introduction to Classical Theater
    ENG 251 Introduction to Modern Theater
    MUS/THR 280 Opera as Drama

    * Any course as approved by the Humanities Major Committee and not already taken to satisfy the requirements for the Section 1 courses in the major.

  3. From one area in Section 2 not already selected, 12 credits. The Section 3 courses especially are intended to provide the background for the Senior Humanities Project. For projects of an interdisciplinary nature, courses from more than one area may be used if sufficient rationale is given and if the Humanities major committee approves.

  4. INT 485 Senior Humanities Project (4 credits)