Warren Wilson College Catalog 05-06

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Modern Language

Faculty: Luis Arevalo, Angela Marie Phillips (Chair), Christine Swoap

The Department of Modern Languages regularly offers courses in Spanish and French.

Students with an interest in studying other modern languages should inquire at the Registrar's Office about opportunities available through the Appalachian State University exchange program and through the consortium agreement with the University of North Carolina at Asheville and Mars Hill College.

Major in Modern Languages

The Spanish major emphasizes language proficiency. The skills acquired by completing the major requirements prepare students to use Spanish in professional areas, and to undertake graduate level studies. Students fulfill the major's academic requirements by complementing their course work at Warren Wilson with offerings at Universidad del Valle de Mexico, University of Angers, France, or other institutions with which Warren Wilson College has exchange agreements.

The major offers two tracks: The Spanish/Second Field option combines language training with a second major in Psychology, Art, or Outdoor leadership. The Spanish/Second language track requires students to acquire proficiency in a second language at Warren Wilson College or at any of the institutions with which we have subscribed agreements.

Grades: A minimum grade of C is required in all courses counting toward the major.

Requirements: Students majoring in Spanish must complete 28 hours of Spanish courses beyond level III. Two of these courses must be:

LAN 353 Hispanic Culture and Civilization
LAN 454 History of the Spanish Language

16 credits in a second language are required of students following the Spanish/Second Language track. Students selecting the Spanish/Second Field option should consult with advisors from their second academic area.

Minor in Modern Language

The Department offers a Minor in Modern Language.

Requirements: 24 credits in a single language. Students who place in levels other than level one are required to complete a total of 20 credit-hours. To fulfill this requirement, students may transfer credits from Universidad del Valle de Mexico, University of Anger, France, or other institutions with which Warren Wilson College has exchange agreements.