Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Faculty: Philip Jamison, Holly Rosson, Evan Wantland, Gretchen Whipple (Chair)

The Department of Mathematics serves every student on campus by providing courses that satisfy triad education requirements, furnishing course content in support of several majors, and offering a comprehensive program for mathematics majors and minors. The major requirements guide the majors in progressing from procedural/computational understanding of mathematics to a broad understanding encompassing logical reasoning, generalization, abstraction, and formal proof, in accordance with the national standards published by the Mathematical Association of America. The faculty seeks to instill in all students an appreciation of the beauty and utility of mathematics, to facilitate improved confidence and ability in their mathematical skills and quantitative literacy, and, most of all, to foster in them a life-long love of learning.

Major in Mathematics

Requirements: The Mathematics major requires a minimum of 44 credits.
Fundamental Requirements: A total of twenty-one (21) foundation credits

MAT 241 Calculus I
MAT 242 Calculus II
MAT 243 Multivariable Calculus
MAT 250 Linear Algebra
MAT 289 Introduction to Mathematical Rigor
MAT 310 Abstract Algebra

Breadth Requirements: A minimum of two (2) breadth requirements; eight (8) credits from the following:

MAT 201 Computer Science
MAT 251 Differential Equations
MAT 253 Statistics for the Natural Sciences
PHY 251 Physics I
PHY 252 Physics II

Depth Requirements: A minimum of three (3) depth courses; twelve (12) depth credits from the following:

MAT 303 Data Structures
MAT 304 Computer Organization
MAT 320 Geometry
MAT 330 Mathematical Modeling
MAT 331 Complex Analysis
MAT 366 Number Theory
MAT 380 Discrete Mathematics
MAT 400 Real Analysis
MAT 310 Abstract Algebra

Senior Capstone Project:

MAT 389 Pre-Thesis Research
MAT 489 Thesis

Majors must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in courses that satisfy major requirements. Majors will also earn a second major, a minor, or Secondary Education License. Majors intending to go to graduate school will be strongly encouraged to take Real Analysis.

Mathematics with Secondary Education: In 2007-08 the current Teacher Education Program will be phased out. Beginning in the fall of 2008 we plan to offer an innovative licensure program, a high-quality model for teaching based on what makes Warren Wilson College a special place. Although still in planning stages, the program is expected to be a focused professional year completed in addition to a bachelor’s degree earned at Warren Wilson College or elsewhere. Please see page 78 for more information on plans for the new program. For further information, contact the Education Department.

Minor in Mathematics


Requirements: A minimum of 21 credits of mathematics courses above MAT 240 including:

MAT 241 Calculus I
MAT 242 Calculus II
MAT 250 Linear Algebra
MAT 289 Introduction to Mathematical Rigor