Warren Wilson College Catalog 05-06

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Mathematics and Computer Science

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Faculty: Philip Jamison, Holly Rosson, Evan Wantland, Gretchen Whipple (Chair)

The department offers a core of traditional pure and applied courses as well as various courses supporting other disciplines. Majors have opportunities to combine academic study with a computer related work crew. Opportunities open to Mathematics and Computer Science graduates include teaching, programming and computer systems work, scientific and engineering applications, actuarial traineeships, statistical applications, as well as graduate school in mathematically related disciplines.

Major in Mathematics

Requirements: The Mathematics major requires a minimum of 41 credits distributed as follows:

MAT 201 Computer Science I
MAT 241 Calculus I
MAT 242 Calculus II
MAT 243 Multivariable Calculus
MAT 250 Linear Algebra
MAT 251 Differential Equations
Four more MAT courses numbered above 304

A one-credit independent project is required of seniors. Possible topics include research in mathematics, history of a mathematical theorem, statistical or other applications, writing software, and interdisciplinary work. A written summary and an oral presentation to the mathematics faculty are required.

The major also requires a four-course concentration in another discipline, approved by the department.

Mathematics with Secondary Education: The student who elects to major in Mathematics and earn a Secondary Education License must complete, in addition to the Mathematics major, the pedagogy and content course requirements of the Teacher Education Program.

Minors in Mathematics and Computer Science

Computer Science

A minor in Computer Science can open many doors.

Requirements: A minimum of 24 credits including

MAT 201 Computer Science I
MAT 202 Computer Science II
MAT 303 Data Structures
MAT 304 Computer Organization

Two courses from among MAT 141 Statistics and courses above MAT 202.

A student who is majoring in mathematics and pursuing this minor need take only three rather than four math electives above MAT 304 to complete requirements for the major.


Requirements: A minimum of 20 credits including:

MAT 241 Calculus I
MAT 242 Calculus II
Two additional MAT courses at or above MAT 243 excluding MAT 303 and 304.