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Courses in Music (MUS)

Applied Music Lessons

Lessons may be taken at any level-- beginning through advanced--in a number of areas: piano, voice, and organ. When feasible, weekly small-group instruction is combined with performance opportunities. Emphasis is directed to performing skills, musical analysis, and aesthetic awareness. An extra $50 fee per credit is charged for applied music lessons. With departmental pre-approval, students taking other applied music lessons (guitar, banjo, fiddle, percussion, band/orchestral instruments, etc.) with private instructors may be eligible to receive academic credit. See Department Chair for more information.

Appalachian Music Program

Taking advantage of the music and dance heritage of its Southern Appalachian location, Warren Wilson College offers a program in Appalachian Music, including instruction in some of the common Appalachian instruments and a Stringband ensemble. Weekly jam sessions take place on campus throughout the year, as well as an Appalachian music concert series, an Appalachian music and folklife festival, and a weekly contra and square dance.

MUS 103 Chapel Choir 1cr

Open to all members of the Warren Wilson community as well as to interested members of the larger community. Weekly rehearsals are planned to help members develop vocal, ensemble, and musical skills, and to prepare music for Sunday worship services for which this group frequently provides leadership. May be repeated for up to 8 credit hours using course numbers 104, 203, 204, 303, 304, 403, and 404. No audition required.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillmen)

MUS 105 College Chorale 1cr

The College Chorale, a choral ensemble open to all Warren Wilson College students, is devoted to the performance of a wide range of choral literature. Repertoire includes sacred and secular works from the Renaissance through the twentieth century. The College Chorale performs at various College events and presents an on-campus concert annually. May be repeated for up to 8 credits using course numbers 106, 205, 206, 305, 306, 405, and 406.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 109 Introduction to Music 4cr

Introduction to Music offers students a chance to explore music through a survey of various historical periods and styles, an introduction to the basic elements of music (reading and writing music), and an opportunity to acquire some skill in making music with the voice and keyboard instruments. Listening assignments will introduce students to masterworks of composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, and others. No previous experience is necessary. Introduction to Music is required of all students interested in further study in applied music.

MUS 112 Music Cultures of the World 1cr

This course is an introductory survey of selected music cultures of the world. Music will be surveyed as a functional activity in people's lives, as a symbol of historical or national identity, and as a form of artistic expression. Models for analyzing music will be presented that demonstrate the meanings and significances of music in various societies. There will be a participatory element through "hands-on" experiences with African drums, Indonesian Gamelan, a variety of string and percussion instruments, and the production of vocal sounds from several music cultures of the world. A final class project will provide an opportunity for students to construct a musical instrument and participate in an informal performance.

MUS 113 Roots of American Folk Music 1cr

This class traces the roots and branches of America folk music beginning with the early settlers in the southern Appalachian mountains. Students will learn the history and the songs showing how black and white music traditions merged to create uniquely American music including blues, spirituals, ragtime, music of the minstrels, Civil War, cowboys, outlaws, railroad, Tin Pan Alley, ballads, old-time, bluegrass, and gospel. No prerequisites.

MUS 125 Instrumental Ensemble 1cr

This course is open to all students by audition and may vary from a woodwind choir, brass ensemble, chamber orchestra, or combination thereof due to the instrumentation of student interest. The ensemble covers a variety of musical styles. It rehearses weekly, performing each semester for the campus and community.

MUS 127 Jazz Ensemble 1cr

Each semester the Jazz Ensemble will explore music from different jazz styles (i.e. Swing, Dixieland, and Latin Jazz), and give a public performance of works learned. This ensemble is open to all Warren Wilson College students, staff, and faculty. (Ensemble members must demonstrate command of their instrument.) Attendance at all rehearsals and performances is expected for the group to successfully attain excellence in collaboration and performance. Repeatable using course numbers 128, 227, 228, 327, 328, 427, and 428.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 130 Applied Piano 1-2cr

Students with past keyboard experience may take this course. Literature appropriate to each student's current ability will be chosen from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods of music, and assigned to address the specific needs of each student. Jazz, Ragtime, or other suitable contemporary compositions may be included as a part of each student's study. The focus of this course is to help students develop their technique and their ability to play expressively, and, at the same time, to foster an understanding and an appreciation of the differences among the styles of music from each period. Repeatable using course numbers 131, 230, 231, 330, 331, 430, and 431.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.

MUS 134 Beginning Voice 2cr

In a class setting, students learn basic concepts of producing good sound including proper breath management, good diction, and developing the full range of the voice. The opportunity to sing for and listen to colleagues is an important aspect of the class.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.

MUS 135 Applied Voice 1-2cr

Applied Voice is available for students who have had prior vocal training. The course focuses on development of the student's technical and artistic skills through lessons, practice, performance, listening, and concert attendance. The repertoire is selected from classical vocal literature appropriate to the student's level of proficiency; musical theatre and operetta selections may also be assigned. Repeatable using course numbers 235, 236, 335, 336, 435, and 436.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.

MUS 137 Applied Organ 1-2cr

Organ lessons are available to students with a strong background in piano. Beginning organ students will study keyboard and pedal techniques and hymn playing. Upper level students will study compositions of diverse styles and periods. Performance opportunities include recitals, chapel services, and convocations. Repeatable using course numbers 138, 237, 238, 337, 338, 437, and 438.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.

MUS 160 Appalachian String Band 1 cr

For intermediate and advanced players with knowledge of basic chords and/or Appalachian repertoire, students will learn how to play as an ensemble and create a band with opportunities to perform on campus for dances and other community events. Through the classic Southern Appalachian string band repertoire, the class will explore rhythm, arrangements, lead and harmony singing, performance dynamics, and various possibilities of instrumental combinations.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: Some proficiency on an Appalachian stringed instrument.

MUS 161 Beginning Guitar 1cr

For the beginner. Students learn tuning, strumming, and picking out melodies in a variety of styles including folk, country, bluegrass, old time, blues, and popular.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 162 Finger-Picking Guitar 1cr

For those who already know their basic chords. Students learn blues and country finger-picking styles on the guitar.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 163 Flat-Picking Guitar 1cr

Designed for those who already know their basic chords, this class teaches the student bluegrass and old time guitar using a flat pick. Skills in playing melody, backup and using runs are learned.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 164 Old-Time Banjo 1 cr

Old-Time Banjo is a beginner's class in old-time or clawhammer banjo. Students will learn the songs, tunings, and rhythms of songs of the southern Appalachians. No experience with the banjo is required.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 165 Bluegrass Banjo 1cr

Students learn the basics of bluegrass banjo playing. Starting with extremely simple tunes, the class gradually involves more rolls and more complicated melodies. For the beginner.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 166 Fiddle I/Mandolin I 1cr

This class will teach total beginners on fiddle and mandolin to play tunes from the old-time and bluegrass repertoire.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 167 Fiddle II/Mandolin II l cr

Students who completed Fiddle I/Mandolin I will further develop their skills playing old-time dance tunes, bluegrass songs and improvisation.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)

MUS 169 Old-Time Singing .5 cr

Draws from the rich vocal traditions of southern Appalachian music. Students learn to sing a wide variety of old-time songs ranging from ancient murder ballads, sentimental parlor songs, minstrel songs, bluegrass, old-time, and gospel. Students experience singing both melody and harmony. Partial fulfillment
Triad: Artistic Expression

MUS 199 Independent Study 1-4cr

MUS 209 Theory/Improvisation 4cr

This course helps students develop their improvisation skills. It will introduce the scales, chords and progressions that are the basic elements jazz musicians use to improvise. Using the traditional blues and jazz forms for structure, students will learn how to develop their spontaneous ideas into a logical musical statement, a meaningful improvisation.
Triad: Artistic Expression
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.

MUS 232 Appalachian Music and Dance 4cr

An introduction to traditional Southern Appalachian music and dance, tracing its historical development from Scotch-Irish and African folk roots to the present day. Topics include ballads and folk songs, sacred singing, dance music, early hillbilly recordings and radio, Bluegrass and early country music, buckdancing, clogging, square dancing, and the folk music revival. Resources will include readings, recordings, films, visits with local musicians and dancers, and field trips to regional music venues.

MUS 255 Jazz Appreciation 4cr

Jazz originated, developed and evolved in the United States; it is a significant American contribution to the world of music. Like any great music it has progressed through distinguishable periods and introduced outstanding musicians to society and the world. The history of jazz will be traced from its emergence at the turn of the century, through the proliferation of styles current today. Through recordings, videotaped performances, attendance at live concerts, and assigned readings, an understanding and appreciation of swing, bebop, cool, and free jazz will be fostered.

MUS/THR 280 Opera as Drama 4cr * (2004-05)

Students are introduced to the world of opera with emphasis on the dramatic and musical aspects. The study of selected operas from various periods of history will include comic and serious operas. Analysis of complete operas will involve discussion of the libretto and musical score.
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

MUS 290-298 Special Topics in Music 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Music. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

MUS 290-298 Special Topics in Music 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Music. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

MUS 299 Independent Study 1-4cr

MUS 399 Independent Study 1-4cr

MUS 485 Music Practicum 1cr

A senior music student may elect to design a practicum that culminates his or her course of study in a selected area of specialization. The practicum may be an in-depth application of some area of musical study, research, performance, instruction, composition, or some combination of these elements.
Prerequisite: Permission of supervising staff member and department coordinator and senior standing in music. Application to be submitted in advance to the Music Department.

MUS 490-498 Special Topics in Music 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Music. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

MUS 499 Independent Study 1-4cr