Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Faculty: Milton Crotts, Wayne Erbsen, Warren Gaughan, Phil Jamison, Jane McCoy,

The program in Music is designed for students who wish to focus on music as a part of the liberal arts program. The emphasis of the curriculum is on a broad coverage of the field of music, the improvement of performance skills, and the development of a strong foundation of musical understanding.

Minor in Music

Requirements: A total of 24 credits selected from the following:

  1. MUS 109 Introduction to Music*
  2. A minimum of four semesters of Applied Music in one area**
    MUS 130/131-430/431 Applied Piano
    MUS 135/136-435/436 Applied Voice
    MUS 137/138-437/438 Applied Organ
  3. A minimum of four credits in ensembles
    MUS 103/104-403/404 Chapel Choir
    MUS 105/106-405/406 College Choir
    MUS 160 Appalachian String Band
    MUS 291 Jazz Ensemble
  4. A minimum of eight credits of electives
    ANT 223 Introduction to Ethnic Musics
    MUS 255 Jazz Appreciation
    MUS 293 Theory Improvisation
    MUS/THR 280 Opera as Drama
    THR/MUS 101, 201 Performance/Production Practicum: Musical

* Music 109 Introduction to Music is required for students with limited backgrounds. It does not count as elective credit for the minor.

**There is an additional fee per credit hour for applied music. Contact Department Chair about off-campus lessons in orchestral or band instruments.