Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Courses in Peace and Justice Studies (PAX)

PAX 110 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies 4cr

After an introduction to the causes of conflict and conditions that have led to peace in human history, the study will move on to the nature of modern war and global efforts to reduce conflict in the nuclear age. Aspects to be explored include a survey of the diminishing Cold War and its nuclear armaments, the rise of regional conflicts, the changing nature of violence, and institutions such as the United Nations and their roles in our increasingly interdependent world. Spiritual and political foundations of the peace and justice studies field will also be surveyed.
Triad: Language/Global Issues

PAX 199 Independent Study 1-4cr

PAX 230 Freedom and Dissent 4cr

A survey of protest movements provides an introduction to the study of some current writers, leaders, and movements for social change. Subjects include uses of power and ideology, the media, human rights, sweatshops, free trade and the global economy, and models for change. The work of Noam Chomsky is emphasized. Examples of the independent media and successful organizing projects are examined. Students are challenged to develop critical skills for social analysis and change.
Triad: Social Science

PAX 239 Lifestyles of Nonviolence 4cr

Focusing on the spiritual and ethical dimensions of both personal and social expressions of violence and nonviolence, this class will analyze the theory, history, and practice of nonviolent social change as an alternative to the use of the conflict. The lives and writings of Dorothy Day, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr. will be investigated, as well as nonviolent social movements in our own time. The study of society will be accomplished by personal considerations of life-style, using essays and class discussion to foster harmony within the life of the spirit.
Triad: Social Science

PAX 246 Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement 4cr

This course covers the civil rights movement in the United States with a focus on Martin Luther King Jr.'s quest for social justice through non-violent means.
Triad: Social Science

PAX 281 Humanitarian Law 4cr **

The course deals with attempts to legally eliminate war or to at least make combatants conform to human rights standards. It covers the law that legitimizes and criminalizes war as well as human rights law in the context of armed conflict. Topics covered include humanitarian legal principles, the Nuremberg Charter, the Geneva Conventions, and Genocide Convention, the UN Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia, and the International Criminal Court.

PAX 290-298 Special Topics in Peace and Justice Studies 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Peace and Justice Studies. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

PAX 299 Independent Study 1-4cr

PAX 320 The Palestine Question 4cr **

Why is hostility between Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews so profound? To whom does the land called Palestine belong? This study of the history and issues of the conflict also explores the prospects for a just peace.
Triad: Language/Global Issues

PAX 325 Resolving Conflict Local and Global 4cr *

Using insights from sociology and psychology, the nature of social conflict at all levels--personal, group, and global--will be studied in order to gain insight into possible resolution. The role of mediation in its many dimensions will be investigated and practiced. Insights gained at a theoretical level will then be applied to international conflicts, and proposals for possible resolutions will be developed. The study concludes with attention to world order scenarios that might lead to a more peaceful future.
Triad: Language Global Issues

PAX 326 Human Rights 4cr

The course deals with the nature of human rights cross-culturally, focusing on the history and philosophies of the concept, its development, major human rights conventions, universalism vs cultural particularism, religion, gender, humanitarian intervention, self-determination, and the role of courts and international agencies in the promotion of human rights.
Triad: Language Global Issues

PAX 327 Environmental Justice: Peace or Conflict 4cr **

This course deals with the differing ways human societies historically have interacted with and impacted on their natural environments so as either to intensify inequality and conflict leading in some cases to war and extinction or to achieve long-term environmental justice and peace. Case studies of societies of varying sizes, levels of technology, geographical locations, and time periods are examined.

PAX 399 Independent Study 1-4cr

PAX 490-498 Special Topics in Peace and Justice Studies 2-4cr

In-depth consideration of a topic of particular concern within the disciplines of Peace and Justice Studies. May be repeated for credit under different topics.

PAX 499 Independent Study 1-4cr