Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Peace and Justice Studies

Peace and Justice Studies Program Website

Faculty: Paul Magnarella (Director), Andrew Summers

Given the importance of peace to the survival of the planet and its inhabitants, peace and justice studies is an invaluable component of a Warren Wilson College education. Upon graduation, all students will enter greater society. The knowledge and skills they will have gained from a Peace and Justice Studies minor will help them become active, positive contributors to decisions, policies, and leadership in their communities and work places. A Peace and Justice Studies minor can fruitfully complement practically any major now offered at WWC.

Peace and Justice Studies addresses themes of conflict resolution, nonviolent social change, human rights, social and environmental justice, and peacemaking efforts on the local, regional and global levels. The goal of this minor includes having students become knowledgeable of the causes of conflicts and the ways of preventing or resolving them. Students will also learn how respect for human rights and the natural environment contributes to peace.

Minor in Peace and Justice Studies

Requirements: PAX 110 and twenty additional credits that may be divided as follows: a minimum of twelve additional credits in PAX courses and up to 8 credits from elective courses listed below. A minimum of 8 credits of PAX courses must be at the 300-400 levels, exclusive of Independent Study credits.

Peace and Justice Studies (PAX) Courses

PAX 110 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
PAX 199 Independent Study
PAX 230 Freedom and Dissent
PAX 239 Lifestyles of Nonviolence
PAX 246 Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement
PAX 281 Humanitarian Law
PAZ 290-298 Special Topics in Peace and Justice Studies
PAX 299 Independent Studies
PAX 320 The Palestine Question
PAX 325 Resolving Conflict Local and Global
PAX 326 Human Rights
PAX 327 Environmental Justice: Peace or Conflict
PAX 399 Independent Study
PAX 499 Independent Study

Elective Courses

ANT 105 Survey of Latin America
ANT 431 Politics of Indigenous Identity in Latin America
ECO 383 Economic Growth and Development
ENG 290 Shoah and Nakba: Modern Israeli and Palestinian Literature
ENG 347 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
HIS 332 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 334 History of the African-American Experience
HIS 340 Conflict and Community in Early America
PSC 257 International Relations
PSC 330 Politics of Developing States
PSC 336 United States. Foreign Policy
REL 111 Exploring Religions
REL 212 Religion, Nature, and the Environment
REL 420 Religion, Peace, and Social Justice Case Studies
SOC 271 Environmental Sociology
SOC 296 Race, Class, Gender Inequalities
SOC/WMS 325 Gender, Development, and the Environment
SOC/WMS 366 Feminist Thought
SOC/SWK 291 Changing the World: International Social Service
WMS 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMS 401 From Patriarchy to Partnerships
Selected Special Topics Courses with the prior permission of the Director of Peace and Justice Studies