Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Peace Studies

Peace Studies Program Website

Faculty: Paul Magnarella (Director), Andrew Summers

The College supports a Peace Studies program of study that addresses themes of conflict resolution, nonviolent social change, social justice, and other peacemaking efforts in the world. Although Peace Studies is not an academic major or minor, the courses are well-suited to students working in the Global Studies or Integrative Studies majors, among several others. The courses support the strong liberal arts approach of the College.

The program consists of all Peace Studies (PAX) courses listed in the catalog plus:

ECO 383 Economic Growth and Development
ENG 347 Colonial and Postcolonial Literature
HIS 332 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 334 History of the African-American Experience
HIS 340 Conflict and Community in Early America
ICS 314 Mahatma Gandhi: Experiments with the Truth
PHI 252 Environmental Ethics
PSC 257 International Relations
PSC 330 Politics of Developing States
PSC 336 United States. Foreign Policy
REL 111 Exploring Religions
REL 212 Religion, Nature, and the Environment
REL 392 ST: Religion, Peace, and Social Justice: Seminar
SOC 215 Women and Society
SOC 322 Race Relations in the United States
SOC/WMS 325 Gender, Development, and the Environment
SOC/WMS 366 Feminist Thought
SOC/WMS 370 Violence Against Women
WMS 100 Introduction to Women's Studies
WMS 401 From Patriarchy to Partnerships
Selected Special Topics Courses

Established in 1985, the program supports campus events of film festivals and guest speakers, as well as off-campus field trips.