Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Faculty: Mark Cobb, Antonis Coumoundouros,Sally A. Fischer (Chair)

The major in Philosophy may serve as the focus of a broad range of liberal arts courses or as the core of a concentrated study of philosophy, perhaps as preparation for graduate study in Philosophy, any other area of humanities, or the law. With an emphasis on the relevance of philosophy to real life issues, the courses in the major also provide the skills and understanding required for leading a well-examined life.

Major in Philosophy

Requirements: A minimum 40 credits distributed as follows:

  1. Basic Courses - 12 credits
    a) One 100 level introductory course in Philosophy from the following:
    PHI 111 Introduction to Philosophy: A Search for Meaning
    PHI 112 First Philosophy
    PHI 115 Alternative Philosophies
    PHI 116 Great Trials: Truth and Censorship
    Any first year seminar (FRS) offered by a full-time faculty in Philosophy
    b) One course in logic or critical thinking from the following:
    PHI 255 Philosophy of Science and Logic
    WRI 232 Argumentation
    c) One course in ethics from the following:
    PHI 252 Environmental Ethics
    PHI 257 Ethical Theory and Practical Issues

  2. History of Philosophy - 20 credits
    a) Each of the following:
    PHI 259 Problems of Truth and Goodness in Ancient Philosophy
    PHI 353 Science, Perception, and Reality in Modern Philosophy
    b) Any three of the following:
    PHI 256 Political Philosophy
    PHI 258 Feminist Philosophy
    PHI 272 Introduction to Nietzsche
    PHI 354 Existentialism and Phenomenology
    PHI 355 Analytic Philosophy in the Twentieth Century
    PHI 356 Contemporary Philosophy
    PHI 357 American Philosophy

  3. World Philosophy - 4 credits
    a) One course from the following:
    PHI 361 Eastern Thought
    PHI 362 Plains Indian Thought
    PHI 363 Nature Way

  4. Seminar in Philosophy - 12 credits
    a) One 400-level course from the following:
    PHI 411 Epistemology
    PHI 412 Philosophy of Mind
    PHI 413 Philosophy of Language

A minimum grade of "C" is required for all courses counting toward the major. Substitution or transfer and other courses, including Special Topics in Philosophy courses, may be approved by the faculty in Philosophy. 300-level courses require one previous course in Philosophy as a prerequisite or permission of instructor. 400-level courses require one previous 300-level course or permission of the instructor.

Electives: Majors are encouraged to choose a focus within Philosophy, such as environmental ethics, 20th century Continental philosophy, or non-Western philosophy; and to pursue such required courses and electives in Philosophy, and a wide range of courses outside of Philosophy that contribute to study in selected area of interest.

Minor in Philosophy

A minor in Philosophy complements any major, but it may be especially useful to those interested in literature, history, political science, law, women's studies, or the environment.

Requirements: The minor in Philosophy consists of 20 credits in Philosophy, including no more than two 100-level courses, with an average GPA of 2.0.