Warren Wilson College Catalog 05-06

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Pre-Peace Corps, International, and Non-Governmental Service Preparation

Advisor: Dale Roberts

The College's mission Triad, philosophy, and practices naturally prepare many students for work, service, and leadership positions in other countries and for graduate study that leads to professional work overseas and across cultures. "Knowledge, work, and service" coupled with cultural sensitivity represent a successful combination abroad. Students who wish to prepare themselves at the undergraduate level for international service work may do so by working with academic advisors within the relevant academic majors and departments, taking full advantage of the triad experience, participating in the Warren Wilson WorldWide program, and consulting with the Director of the Career Resource Center.

The College has a long history with the Peace Corps in particular, and in the past several years has seen its graduates serving in such places as Tanzania, Bolivia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Honduras, and the Caribbean. The Warren Wilson College undergraduate curriculum clearly lends itself to many of the Peace Corps' official tracks for employment, which include the following:

  1. Environment: forestry, environmental education, forestry extension, parks and wildlife
  2. Education: teaching English as a foreign language, secondary education (science and math), elementary education (teacher training)
  3. Community Development: community services, non-governmental organizational development, urban youth-at-risk, small business advising
  4. Agriculture: community extension, animal husbandry, crop extension
  5. Health: health extension, water sanitation
  6. Business: business management, advanced business development

The student will work with the academic advisor, the Director of the Career Resource Center, and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for guidance in specialized curriculum planning toward work and service after graduation in Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, or Europe. There are several recommended academic major options and courses of study depending upon the student's interests and the Peace Corps sectors or service areas of choice. Completion of this program does not guarantee acceptance into the Peace Corps or other international or non-governmental agencies. Candidates must complete the appropriate application processes for specific agencies, which may include a medical examination and a security check.