Warren Wilson College Catalog 04-05

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Warren Wilson College is a very special place in higher education as well as geographically -- beneath the high peaks of the Craggy Mountain Range in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

This relatively small liberal arts college was founded by the Presbyterian Church over a century ago in 1894. Located on a beautiful 1,132-acre campus in a mountain valley that the Native Americans called Swannanoa, it is a setting that throughout history has inspired community, creativity, learning, and a sense of harmony with the environment.

The College has several distinct features: an interdisciplinary curriculum taught by a strong faculty who come from the best graduate schools of the country; a diverse student body from 40 states and 21 countries; a career opportunities program in which each student spends 15 hours per week on one of 110 work crews; a service-learning program that challenges our students to give of their time and talents to benefit others; a cross-cultural/international experience for each student during the junior year; and a true sense of community in which administrators, faculty, staff, and students work together to develop a college and campus that welcome the contributions of each individual regardless of rank, position, or status.

As we begin a new century for this distinctive college, we celebrate its uniqueness, values, strong sense of community, and commitment to individual student learning and development in the fullest sense. Warren Wilson College is, as is each student, one of a kind!

Douglas M. Orr, Jr.