Warren Wilson College Catalog 06-07

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As I complete my 15th and final year as president of Warren Wilson College, I reflect on the great privilege it has been to serve an institution that is distinctive in American higher education. The faculty, staff and programs profiled throughout the following catalog pages give testimony to an educational experience that allows each student to find his or her full potential and a life's journey of making a significant difference in our often fragmented world. We invite you to draw upon the life-shaping opportunities of the Warren Wilson College program and its dedicated teachers and mentors.

I also welcome to the College's presidency, Dr. Sandy Pfeiffer, a superb educator, teacher and scholar. His impressive background in higher education is a fine match for our College, which will be blessed by his leadership.
Douglas M. Orr, Jr.

Nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, just a few minutes from the culturally rich city of Asheville, Warren Wilson College provides a first-rate liberal arts education to students from across the United States and many other nations.

For its entire history, the college has had a distinctive identity that is reflected in its mission, its curriculum, and its sense of community. We believe that work, service, and study combine to form a powerful "Triad," which prepares graduates for productive personal and professional lives. Also, we stress the importance of environmentalism and sustainability issues throughout the College.

And finally, we believe that all students should be encouraged to take part in intercultural and international activities that enhance their college experience. The Triad, the concern for environmentalism, and the focus on international/intercultural experiences all give the College its special identity.

In addition to its distinctive mission, the College benefits from having students, faculty, staff, and administrators who view themselves as peers within the college community. Together, all of us at the College are committed to creating an educational environment unlike any in the nation.

As this catalog goes to press, I begin my own adventure as sixth president of the College. I follow the 15-year presidency of Douglas M. Orr., Jr., during which Warren Wilson College achieved remarkable progress, and I look forward to building on that success.
William Sanborn Pfeiffer