Warren Wilson College Catalog 06-07

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Sociology / Anthropology

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Faculty: Benjamin Feinberg (Chair), Siti Kusujiarti, Paul Magnarella, David Moore, Joan Moser

The program in Sociology and Anthropology stresses study, research, and practical applications based on a broad theoretical and comparative understanding of people and society. The Sociology and Anthropology major is an integrated one, which means that coursework and field study give students opportunities for shared experiences in Sociology and Anthropology. Students can prepare for graduate study in research or teaching, professional training in applied social science (e.g., health administration, urban planning, environmental programs), law, government service, work in community development, public service administration, and non-profit agencies. The program stresses a cross-cultural perspective, and some courses have a Service-Learning component.

Major in Sociology / Anthropology

Requirements: A minimum of 48 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0 including

1. The following core courses (20 credits):

ANT 200 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 317 Social Theory
SOC 402 Sociology/Anthropology Research Craft
SOC 410 Directed Research in Sociology/Anthropology

2. Breadth requirement

a) At least 4 credits of Sociology electives, at the 100 and 200 level, from the following:

SOC/WMS 211 The Family
SOC 251 Societies of Southeast Asia
SOC 261 Societies of Sub-Saharan Africa
SOC 271 Environmental Sociology
Selected SOC Special Topics courses with approval of advisor

b) At least 4 credits of Anthropology electives, at the 100 and 200 level, from the following:

ANT 105 Survey of Latin America
ANT 139 Native Americans of the Southeast
ANT 145 Archaeology of World Cultures
ANT 146 Archaeological Methods
ANT 224 Folklife in Modern America
ANT 241 Native Peoples of Mexico and Guatemala
ANT 251 Latin American Archaeology
Selected Special ANT and APS Topics courses with approval of advisor

c) An additional 4 credits of Sociology or Anthropology electives from Sections 2a, 2b, or 3. The upper level sociology and anthropology courses listed in section 3 may be substituted for the courses listed in section 2.

3. Depth requirement: at least 8 additional credits of Anthropology and/or Sociology courses, at the 300 and 400 level, from the following list:

ANT 321 Traditional Agricultural Systems
ANT 337 Appalachian Folk Medicine: Plants and Healing Traditions
ANT 338 Archaeology and the Environment
ANT 415 American Subcultures
ANT 431-435 Topics in Latin American Anthropology
SOC/PAX 325 Human Rights
SOC/WMS 366 Feminist Thought
PAX 326 Human Rights
Selected ANT, APS, and SOC special topics and worldwide courses with approval of advisor

4. Breadth requirement in related area: at least 8 credit hours in one other supplementary area, including at least 4 credit hours at the 300 or 400 level. Supplementary areas may include Appalachian Studies, Art, Biology Business and Economics, Education, English, Environmental Studies, History, Language, Latin American Studies, Outdoor Leadership, Peace and Justice Studies, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Social Work, Theatre, Women's Studies, and any other area that supplements the student's focus in sociology and anthropology. These courses may also be used to fulfill the requirements of a second major.

Minor in Sociology / Anthropology

Requirements: The following 24 credits, including at least 12 credits at the 300-400 level, with a minimum GPA of 2.0:

1. 8 credits of introductory courses:

ANT 200 Introduction to Anthropology
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology

2. At least 16 additional credits in Sociology and Anthropology, including at least 12 at the 300-400 level.