Warren Wilson College Catalog 05-06

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Theatre / English

Faculty: Donald E. Baker, Julie Becton Gillum, Carol Howard (English Dept.), Beverly Ohler, Graham Paul (Chair), Steven Williams (Music Dept.)

The Theatre Department actively involves students in the study and practice of theatre as a literary and performing art with roots in the past and innovative possibilities for the future. In conjunction with the English Department, it offers a major in Theatre/English and a minor in Theatre as a focus for liberal arts studies.

Theatre students take courses spanning a broad range of plays, historical styles, and theatrical arts. They apply their classroom learning in productions and projects staged by Warren Wilson Theatre, the department's performance laboratory. Here, in collaboration with faculty and staff, they explore contemporary staging techniques as applied to classic texts of many cultures, modern world drama, and musical and dance theatre. Shakespeare, the preeminent international playwright, receives special emphasis.

Warren Wilson Theatre is open to participation by all students and members of the community and offers opportunities for educational, creative, and personal development. Casting decisions for theatre productions are made without regard to race or national origin. Warren Wilson Theatre aims to enrich the cultural life of the college by presenting theatre events that are artistically and intellectually stimulating.

Note: Students are urged to consider incorporating theatre courses into their academic programs by completing the Theatre/English Major (see English program of study), the Theatre minor, the Integrative Studies major, or the Humanities major.

Major in Theatre/English

(See Theatre/English under Programs of Study: English)

Minor in Theatre

Requirements: A minimum of 30 credits including the following:

ENG 250 Introduction to Classical Theatre
ENG 251 Introduction to Modern Theatre
ENG 336 Literature and Culture of the Renaissance
ENG 344 Literature and Culture of the Restoration and Queen Anne Period
THR 275-278 Shakespeare in Performance
THR 110 Technical Theatre I: Construction
THR 111 Technical Theatre II: Paint and Light

Of the 30 credits required at least 8 credits from among the following:

THR 204 Acting I
THR 244 Improvisation for the Actor
THR 254 Modern Dance for the Actor
THR 315 Historic Costume Design for the Theatre

Of the 30 credits required at least 2 additional credits from among the following:

THR 101-102 Performance/Production Practicum
THR 201-202 Performance/Production Practicum

At least one semester on the Theatre Crew.