Warren Wilson College Catalog 05-06

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Institutional Withdrawl and Refund Policies

The Warren Wilson College Withdrawal and Refund Policies are established to provide fair and equitable treatment to finances of both the student and the College. Since Warren Wilson makes financial commitments on behalf of each student at the time of enrollment, those costs will be shared with the student as explained in the following policies. These policies will be applicable for official or unofficial withdrawals including suspension or expulsion for academic, work or disciplinary reasons.

As you review our policies, keep in mind that the College operates on a traditional semester basis (sixteen weeks). Academic credit is awarded by the semester. Tuition, room, board and fees are charged by the semester. Financial aid is awarded and paid by the semester (not the "term"). A minimum of 12 attempted (registered) credits is determined to be full-time and will be charged at the full-time rate. If you live in a residence hall, you are required to be a full-time student and will be charged for a minimum of 12 credits; however, your aid may be adjusted if you fail to register full-time.

INSTITUTIONAL WITHDRAWAL POLICY Begin the process of an official withdrawal by contacting the Office of the Dean of Students. The date of withdrawal will be the date that the College is notified of "an intent" to withdraw. This may be verbal notification; however, written notice is preferred. If there are extenuating circumstances determined to be beyond your control such as illness, accident or grievous personal loss, the Dean can, prior to the last day of classes, set a withdrawal date based upon your last documented date of attendance at an academically-related activity. (Dean's Office: second floor Laursen)

An unofficial withdrawal date will be set as the midpoint of the payment period (semester) if you "drop out" without notifying the Dean of Students of your intentions. It is also an unofficial withdrawal if you do not pass at least one of your attempted full semester classes (or two consecutive term classes within a semester) since the College cannot make a presumption that you attended. Charges will not be adjusted for unofficial withdrawals; however, Federal grants and loans, both student and parent, will be pro-rated per the Federal Return of Funds Policy.

Once you have registered for courses, you have established an academic record. The Dean of Students will notify the Registrar's Office of an official withdrawal. The Registrar will inform instructors and academic advisor and follow the same guidelines as "Withdrawing from a Course." Should you withdraw from school after the end of the fourth week of a term course or the end of the ninth week of a semester course, the instructors will determine a grade of W or WF. Should any grade be recorded as WF, the Scholastic Standards Committee will review your record at the end of the semester.

Medical Withdrawals. When illness, injury, or psychological/psychiatric disorder occur while a student is enrolled, a student or guardian may request, or the college may require, a medical withdrawal from the college. The Dean of Student Life and either the Director of the Health Center or the Director of Counseling must approve all medical withdrawals. Documentation of the medical condition from a licensed professional is required prior to this approval. The Registrar informs the Student's instructors and academic advisor and records W grades in all courses for students who are granted medical withdrawals. Regular refund policies apply. Students who have withdrawn officially for medical reasons may reapply through the Admission Office. (Please note that a medical withdrawal does not apply retroactively.)

INSTITUTIONAL REFUND POLICY "Refund" is the return of aid to the same source from which it came (ie bank, Pell Grant fund, community donor, etc.). Special expenses such as private rooms, lab fees, parking stickers, admission deposits, registration deposits and fees (comprehensive and orientation) are non-refundable. A new student (first semester at WWC) will have a minimum in non-refundable costs that would include the admissions deposit ($300), comprehensive fees for the semester ($150) and orientation fees ($250/fall; $125/spring). A student readmitted to WWC after an absence will have a minimum in non-refundable costs of the admissions deposit ($300) and comprehensive fees ($150). The continuing student will have a minimum of $150 non-refundable comprehensive fees. Registration deposits ($300) are non-refundable to any student.

Tuition, room (private or double), board and commuter fee, if applicable, will be pro-rated on a day-by-day basis through the first 60% of the semester. If you withdraw and totally move out of the residence hall on the first day of classes, you will be charged any applicable non-refundable costs only. (Fall, spring and Thanksgiving breaks are excluded from the day-by-day count. Triad Day and Work Day are included. Monetary amounts may be rounded to the nearest dollar.) You will be charged for all non-refundable costs plus 100% of your tuition, room, and board or commuter fee one day beyond the first 60% of the semester.

Example of cost pro-ration: 30 calendar days attended/103 days in semester = 29% charge (29% X tuition/room/board added to any non-refundable fees)

If you withdraw prior to the College's receipt of your aid (loan check from bank; scholarship check from donor; grant funds from PA/VT/RI; etc.), you may have to forfeit those funds if they cannot be approved for post-withdrawal disbursement. You will forfeit the NC Legislative Tuition Grant if you withdraw prior to the State's designated date of "required full-time" attendance (October 10 for the fall and the tenth class day of the spring semester).

In most cases, a withdrawn student will leave WWC with a "balance due". Since our resident students may choose to apply their campus work earnings toward the cost of tuition, room and board, this defers (delays) payment to the College. A withdrawn student may leave WWC owing at least the equivalent value of hours not worked in the semester or an amount equal to any aid the College is required to return as a result of the Refund Policy. Scholarships/grants/loans that have been designated for the spring semester cannot be used to cover a withdrawn student's unpaid costs from the fall semester.

FEDERAL RETURN OF FUNDS The treatment of Title IV funds is governed by the Higher Education Amendments of 1998, Public Law 105-244 (Return of Federal Funds). The Law requires that we determine the amount of aid you earned based upon the length of time you are enrolled during a payment period (semester). If you complete 60% or less of the semester, the percentage of the period completed is the percentage of aid earned. Refer to the pro-ration calculation above as an example. One day beyond the first 60% and you have earned 100% of all aid for which you have documented and maintained eligibility. Exceptions are "unofficial withdrawals". (Work earnings are excluded from these calculations. You will be paid for actual hours worked.)

Software provided by the Department of Education is used to determine your earned versus unearned Federal aid. Any unearned Federal aid will be returned first to an Unsubsidized Stafford, Subsidized Stafford, Perkins, PLUS, Pell Grant, FSEOG then all other Title IV programs - in that order. A copy of this worksheet is available upon request.

The same earned and unearned percentage (using the Federal worksheet) will be used for the remainder of your aid (state, institutional). Any remaining unearned non-Federal aid will be returned to WWC institutional and state funds - in that order. Some states may calculate their own refunds. Any designated scholarships (civic club, church, etc.) will be handled as instructed by the donor. If there are no special instructions, designated scholarships will be applied towards any remaining balance due to Warren Wilson College or refunded to the recipient. Alternative educational bank loans will also be applied towards any remaining balance due to the College. Any remaining alternative loan funds held by WWC will be returned to the borrower's lender as a prepayment. (Spring awards cannot be applied towards fall charges.)

The Federal Return of Funds Policy and the definition of withdrawal are subject to change if necessary to remain in compliance with Federal Regulation.