Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Environmental Leadership Center: 7-10 students --Provide support to the mission of the ELC, which is to raise awareness of local, national, and global environmental realities and to inspire caring citizens - especially the youth - to reflect, to communicate, and to act as responsible caretakers of the earth. Crew positions include EcoTeam (5-6 students with some education or environmental education background) who teach and coordinate a third-grade environmental education ecologically-based curriculum that reaches over 1,200 Buncombe County children; EcoTeam Expansion (1 student who has served on EcoTeam) coordinates an initiative to replicate EcoTeam at colleges and universities throughout the Southeast; Campus Greening (2 students with good communication skills and a passion for living sustainably) who research, write, and deliver Green Walkabouts as well as working on a broad range of campus sustainability issues; Internship Program (1 student who has done an ELC internship) coordinates the ELC's Internship Program; Publication Assistant (1 student with excellent editorial and writing skills) who assists in all areas of publication including the journal, Heartstone; Administrative Assistant (1 student preferably with office experience and computer skills) who assists in daily office operations including event planning. All students on the ELC Crew gain experience working for a non-profit environmental organization. Educational opportunities include field-based teacher training, curriculum development, public speaking, radio commentary, fund-raising, grant writing, regional environmental conference attendance, program coordination, non-profit management, and more.