Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Natural Resources: 20-25 students --Crew conducts all activities necessary for the sustainable management of the College's 650-acre forest. Duties include conducting silvicultural practices, providing forest products to the College, trail and logging road maintenance, shiitake mushroom propagation, and occasional assistance with related Environmental Studies courses such as forest biology, silviculture, forest management, and wildlife management. Educational opportunities include learning many technical forestry skills, such as chain saw use and maintenance, and methods of felling trees. This crew requires a high degree of responsibility, initiative, and willingness to work with others. Work is outdoors and is sometimes physically strenuous. Three-hour work blocks are desirable but not required. A knowledge of forests and forestry is helpful. (ENS 233 Forest Biology is strongly recommended for all crewmembers. ) A one-year commitment is required.