Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Alumni Office: 5-7 students --The Alumni Office organizes events throughout the year such as Homecoming, Leadership Weekend, Phon-a-thon, and other alumni gatherings. The office is also responsible for keeping Warren Wilson alumni up-to-date on campus news and updating alumni records, as well as helping to produce the Owl and Spade, the alumni magazine, and various other tasks. Skills needed for this job are good personal and communication skills, strong creative abilities, good organizational skills, and reliability. Office workers are expected to be able to follow directions, work as team members, and be able to work independently. Education opportunities include the many aspects of data management, event planning and organization, development work and donor relations, as well as development of interpersonal skills. Student will work with Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Aptron Campus database and Web design/management programs.