Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Auto Shop: 11students --Depending on the skill level, a first-year student will perform routine oil changes, clean engines, do safety checks and prepare vehicles for assignments, assist in brake overhauls, clutch/transmission removal and installation, engine overhaul, and tune-ups. Second-year students with proven skill will perform the above tasks and assist in teaching new students. Educational opportunities include learning to perform routine car maintenance and some major repairs. Students learn to evaluate cars and their mechanical condition while becoming familiar with many different engines and mechanical systems. Other skills learned include computer analysis of engines, welding, solving the problems of mechanical apparatuses, and small-job metal fabrication. A three-hour block is preferred for new students, and a two-year commitment is expected. A campus driving license is also required. New members of the crew may be expected to attend a week-long training workshop beginning one week prior to the general opening of school.