Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Blacksmith Crew: 4-6 students --The Blacksmith Crew focuses on learning and teaching traditional blacksmithing skills such as drawing out, squaring, rounding, bending, heat welding, plaiting, and twisting. Students create tools to be used by other crews as well as by the general campus community. The crew concentrates on extending the opportunity to learn and experiment with Blacksmithing to the Warren Wilson community. Crewmembers should be creative, independent workers who enjoy learning, producing, and teaching. The Blacksmith Crew requires a two-year commitment. New members to the crew may be expected to attend a week-long training workshop beginning one week prior to the general opening of school. Educational opportunities on the blacksmith crew include learning the metallurgical techniques necessary for forging steel; tempering tools and creating needed items for use on campus. Students will become proficient in the use of varied shop tools (i.e. hammer and anvil; air powered forging hammers). Students will also learn how to take a project from the design table to a finished, installed creation. The crew hosts open houses for the campus community and teaches others the basics of forging iron.