Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Chemistry: 6-8 students --Working on this crew will provide the student with skills and experience that cannot be acquired in conventional classroom situations. This crew is essential for the operation of the chemistry program; therefore the student workers and faculty members work closely together to set up labs for experiments, develop new experiments, purchase chemicals and supplies, maintain storage rooms and the inventory system, monitor laboratory safety, administer the hazardous waste programs, tutor students, function as lab assistants, and grade lab reports. Specific skills that can be acquired include preparation and analysis of solutions; problem solving; scientific record keeping; maintenance and operation of sophisticated instrumentation and computers; use of common word processors, spreadsheets, and data bases; recycling, decomposition, and proper disposal of hazardous materials; purchasing and inventory procedures; maintenance of a safety program; lab skills; simple carpentry and maintenance; and feeding Dichromate, the department's cat. A flexible schedule is essential.