Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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English Research Assistant: 2 students --The English Research Assistants work with a member of the English Department to edit and annotate materials that will be used in various courses at Warren Wilson College and that may subsequently be published by university presses. In addition to conducting research related to editing and annotating assignments, the English Research Assistants also help with preparing and proofreading manuscripts, with developing components of specific literature, theatre, and writing courses, and with carrying on routine office work. Educational opportunities involve the refinement of skills that are essential to successful work in graduate and professional school and also in subsequent employment within the academic and business worlds. Students who become proficient as researchers, editors and writers and who have learned to work well in a professional office setting, have marketable skills and experience that will serve them well personally and professionally. Requirements for working at this critical post are multiple. Students serving in this position must have a strong interest in intellectual history, literature, and culture; must be able to write correctly and cogently; must observe the decorum and dress appropriate to a professional office setting; must have a good command of basic secretarial skills, especially word-processing skills; and must interact and communicate well with professors, administrators, other students, and a variety of people from outside the Warren Wilson community.