Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Environmental Studies/Biology: 10 students --Provides support to the Environmental Studies and Biology departments by maintaining their laboratories, equipment, and collections. There are many educational opportunities available when working for the Environmental Studies and Biology Crew. Students will learn scientific equipment and how to set up the equipment for field and wet lab courses, how to make solutions for wet lab experiments, how to perform experimental technique while setting up for course labs, and how to manage and care for a greenhouse and the plants. Students may also have the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty in particular subject areas, including wildlife biology, botany, and microbiology, giving the students a unique educational skill determined by the students' desire to learn and the need of the faculty. The crew also acts as administrative support to the faculty members by making photocopies and transparencies of course material, setting up technical equipment for lecture classes, and cleaning the building. Students will learn how to work as an individual and in a group to get a task done, to manage time, and to articulate achievements and problems encountered while completing tasks. They will also learn to professionally listen and talk to work supervisors. This crew seeks self-motivated and mature students with a strong desire to learn. Freshmen to senior level students are welcome to join this crew.