Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Mountain Area Child and Family Center: 3-4 students --Crewmembers at MACFC have the opportunity to play, learn, and grow with young children alongside classroom teachers as well as assisting in basic housekeeping of the classrooms and MACFC campus grounds. Student crewmembers will help plan and implement educational activities for children 3-5 years of age (and sometimes with infants and toddlers) with singing, dancing, painting, reading stories, building with blocks, playing in sand, and much more. Students are often asked to work with small groups of children in activities to give children more adult/child interaction time and to work on developing specific skills. Crewmembers have the opportunity to be adult friends with young children who receive them into the classroom with smiles and hugs. Crewmembers are expected to have a Tuberculosis clearance from the WWC nurse and have an orientation to MACFC before beginning their service. A handbook has been designed to assist them in the orientation process. Educational opportunities include developing skills in teaching and interacting with young children as well as learning more appropriate ways to guide their behavior. Students learn the responsibilities of collegiality and ways to support the classroom teacher by taking initiative with both children's activities and restoring the classroom for its variety of uses.