Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Farm: 25 students --The Farm Crew is broken down into three crews: General, Cattle, and Pig Crews. There is plenty of overlap between the crews’ work, which consists of caring and feeding 65 brood cows and 25 brood sows; planting and harvesting corn, cereal grains, and hay crops; fence repair; cleaning, painting, and renovation of farm buildings; and maintenance of the farm’s tractors and equipment. Approximately $150,000 worth of naturally raised meats are sold to the public each year, with all the marketing done by the student Marketing Director. Educational opportunities include learning about sustainable agriculture techniques, tractor operation and repair, and crop and pasture management. Students also deliver animals, give shots, and administer medicines. Working on this crew is excellent pre-vet experience. Opportunities exist to attend conferences off-campus and to help with on-farm experimentation. Our work promotes good land stewardship and is pro-wildlife. All students must make a two-year commitment, have a three-hour work block, and a willingness to work in adverse weather without complaint.