Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Landscaping: 45-50 students --Maintain and improve the 100-acre central college campus. Tasks include seeding, mowing, and raking lawns and athletic fields; planning, designing, and planting gardens and flower beds; maintaining roads and pathways (both gravel and asphalt); snow removal; and construction projects related to the landscape. All students should have a three-hour work block. Students will gain proficiency in seeding, planning and design, as well as plant installations and use of standard landscape equipment. Some students will learn operation and maintenance of tractors and other heavy equipment. Professionals in skilled arborist work may train others. Other opportunities include familiarization with botanical names, tree identification, greenhouse crop productions, turf maintenance and pruning techniques. Students work together to accomplish the service and objectives of the landscape program while incorporating learning into their overall work experience.

Grounds Crew: Students become familiar with the use and care of grounds maintenance equipment and will perform a lot of physical labor. Later, the student, working more independently, will have the chance to develop skills in design, procurement, supervision, and practical application of labor and materials.

Flower Crew: The crew plants and nurtures all the flower beds on campus and works on landscape designs for the new additions to campus and for improving old landscapes.

Tractor Crew: This crew maintains and services the 1630 New Holland tractor, Caterpillar Backhoe and Ventrac Tractor and uses their many attachments for different jobs on campus, such as transporting landscaping materials, digging ditches and holes for planting, and assisting other crews on campus with excavation.

Tree Crew: The Tree Crew maintains all the trees on the 100-acre central campus. The work includes large and small tree pruning, climbing, removals, chainsaw work, and planting, thus providing opportunities for learning arboricultural skills.

Greenhouse Crew: Students who work in the greenhouse grow grasses and wildflowers native to western North Carolina for the use of general landscaping projects. These plants are grown from seed to provide the Warren Wilson community with the aesthetic beauty of plants native to the Appalachian ecosystem.