Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Library: 20 students --All students assist in the operation of the Library at the circulation desk. Duties include checking materials in and out, shelving, shelf reading, and answering questions. Students also work in other departments, such as acquisitions, archives, cataloging, director's office, interlibrary loan, periodicals, or readers' services. Most duties require attention to detail and may also include more technical library procedures. Students must be able to work whenever the library is open, including some weekend and evening shifts. Crewmembers are also collectively responsible for library maintenance including cleaning offices, study and conference rooms, and restrooms as well as removing trash and recycling. The library offers many learning opportunities for crewmembers. These include the use of the on-line public access catalog, word-processing, spreadsheets, database management systems, and various items of electronic equipment. Students develop interpersonal skills by dealing with the public, fellow crewmembers, and supervisors. Crewmembers may also learn leadership and organizational skills needed to manage and implement special projects. Experienced crewmembers selected to serve as crew leaders have an opportunity to develop additional leadership skills applicable to careers in the professional and public service sectors. Knowledge of library resources and services can provide an academic advantage for motivated students.