Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Mountain Bike Crew: 1-2 students --Mountain Bike Crewmembers will flourish if they are responsible, motivated, flexible, and consider themselves self-starters. They are mainly responsible for providing logistical support to the team in many forms: arranging travel, meals, and lodging; providing race support at events; driving, loading, and cleaning vans and trailers; maintaining the office spaces, tools, and equipment; and assisting team members with maintaining bikes in race-ready condition. Other duties will include but are not limited to Mountain Bike Team development in the forms of planning, recruiting, sponsorship development and maintenance, and trail network development. Mountain Bike Crewmembers are typically also Team members. It is necessary to travel with the team for competitions and practices, hence the need for a flexible schedule. Crewmembers will have numerous options for educational growth in the following areas: crewmembers will be provided basic skills, with the option to receive advanced training in bicycle mechanics; students will learn from developing meal plans, travel plans, budget assistance, and completing purchasing requisitions; members will become familiar with the basics of coaching strategies, which may include periodization concepts, heart rate based training, and lactate threshold/VO2 max theory; and students may learn by assisting with team developmental activities, which include marketing skills, written language skills, and recruiting prospective student athletes. The Mountain Bike Team seasons are generally September-October and March-April. Crew activity during the season may require extra hours.