Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Plumbing: 6-8 students --With the guidance of the supervisor, the student crew maintains the entire campus plumbing system of hot and cold water supply pipes, sewers, and a wide range of commercial and domestic fixtures. Students working on the plumbing crew learn to use power and hand tools, connect pipes and fittings, repair faucets and valves, unblock drains, and install new fixtures. Other skills include learning to read and work from blueprints, order and purchase materials, drive and service vehicles, respond to emergencies, and develop a sense of humor. Students also learn good work ethics and gain a sense of achievement and satisfaction, knowing that their efforts provide a very important service to the community. A minimum three-hour block is required for all students on the plumbing crew, and a two-year minimum commitment. A current driver's license is mandatory. New members of the crew may be required to attend a week-long workshop beginning one week prior to the general opening of school.