Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Service-Learning Program: 30 students --Approximately 2/3 of this crew are Bonner Scholars (see below). These students support the Service-Learning Program through contact with students and work in community agencies; lead service-learning group projects; promote service-learning opportunities by writing for the newsletter and other campus publications, creatively advertise on bulletin boards and flyers, develop innovative recruiting techniques, assist students in finding service-learning projects, and documenting these experiences. Educational opportunities include developing written and oral communication skills, building an understanding of experiential education and approaches to help communities, and practicing leadership. Students must have a strong desire to do service in the community and strong interpersonal skills. Writing skills are helpful. The job requires a high degree of self-motivation, availability some evenings and weekends, organizational skills, and ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

Bonner Scholars [and AmeriCorps] Program: These service-learning crew students promote service on campus through strong community involvement. They engage in service on a local and broader level and enrich the education system through work in local schools and with local school-aged children. They promote group and team building skills by consensus decision-making policies. There are educational opportunities to develop leadership and oral communication skills; learn good facilitation, listening, and group mediation strategies; and enrich learning through first hand application and experience. They study targeted community needs and design programs to respond to those needs. Students should be experienced with groups and in planning as well as implementing activities. A background that involves working with children is highly recommended. This crew requires self sacrifice and a healthy sense of personal identity because of the nature of the work.