Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Spanish Assistant: 3 students --Crew members assist fellow students reviewing compositions and workbook assignments. Additionally, they participate in a weekly conversation table and a biweekly movie session, as well as an annual full-immersion camping trip. Furthermore, they engage in administrative tasks such as word processing, creation of didactic materials— Power Point presentations, art and cultural displays, posters, flash cards, and handouts. The ideal crew member should be able accommodate the demands of fellow students and still be able to fulfill administrative duties, while working in an environment where high traffic is the norm. Students can join the crew only after passing LAN 354 Advanced Spanish—or its equivalent at other institutions of higher learning—or by taking ACTFL’s oral competency interview with the crew supervisor. Native speakers and students who have lived in Spanish speaking countries are encouraged to apply. In addition to the qualifications described above, students need to have a basic knowledge of Word, Power Point, web design, and be willing to acquire video and sound editing skills. Crew supervisor will consider candidates with limited Spanish skills, but solid computer background. Educational Opportunities: Students learn tutoring and small groups management and dynamics, enhance their understanding of problematic Spanish grammar topics, have the opportunity to improve oral communication skills by practicing Spanish on a daily basis, learn how to prioritize tasks, and to cope with a varied workload. In addition, crew members become familiar with presentation, video, and sound editing software.