Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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Student Services: 11-14 students --Minimum one-year commitment. Provide service to the students and staff of the College in the following ways:

Town trip driver : Pick up mail, run errands for offices and crews, and transport students to the airport for break flights. Special requirement is a good driving record and a college- provided 15-passenger van training.

Student bank : Perform teller functions for the bank and perform bookkeeping functions by maintaining student account balances. Allows students to use basic math skills. This position provides a platform for the business major to practice skills learned in business classes, and to recognize reconciliation errors and develop a knack for solving out-of-balance accounts. A special requirement is to be at ease with money and math.

Campus mail room : Sort Federal and campus mail, forward mail to former staff and students, weigh and meter outgoing campus Federal mail, and deliver packages to students through a package window. Students develop interaction and "service to others" skills and learn the importance of paying attention to details and the effect on customers when they do not. Willingness to perform routine functions and work with the public are special requirements.

U.S. Federal Branch Post Office : Sell stamps for letters and packages, sell U.S. Postal Money Orders, accept accountable mail, comply with postal regulations, and perform cash accounting functions. Interfaces with U.S. Postal personnel locally and in Charlotte. Develop interpersonal skills.

Fixed asset accounting : Assist in maintaining the computer data base of fixed assets of the College and perform inventory duties, data entry, and reconciliation functions. Travel the campus locating newly purchased items, and assign asset I.D. numbers to each asset. Interface with college auditors. Business majors are able to transfer classroom accounting to an actual business function. Desire to work with a live accounting function that others rely on is a special requirement.