Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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The Learning Experience

It is recommended that each student work on at least two different types of crews while attending Warren Wilson College.

Students at Warren Wilson do not simply "work." The students, in fact, provide the essential work force to operate the College. A list of work crews and number of students assigned to each crew is listed under Description of Current Work Crews. Students must consider early in their educational careers the most productive ways to combine work, academic classes, and community service.

The College compiles and keeps on file a Work Transcript to assist students who want to use their work record as an employer reference.

Students receive regular evaluations describing their performance level on their crews. The evaluations may be used as a measure of performance as graded by the supervisor. Supervisors are also evaluated by the student work force.

Each year, outstanding students receive awards for their performance in the Work Program. Awards are given for First Year Students (2), General Work (8), and Senior Work (1).