Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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EDU 406 Student Teaching in the Secondary School 16cr

The student teaching experience includes 15 weeks on site in a local public school where the future teacher gradually assumes the full responsibility for a classroom. Teaming with a college representative and at least one public school teacher, each student teacher experiences the full range of activities, including developing and implementing lesson and unit plans, maintaining a good learning environment, evaluating student work, and keeping accurate records of progress. The required regular group meetings of student teachers, supplemented by individual conferences, are for mutual support and reflection on teaching. These seminars include revisiting content area and planning strategies; brainstorming about classroom management techniques; reporting experiences to the Teacher Education Committee; and clarifying legal, safety, and other professional issues facing new teachers. Additional emphasis is given to the roles of parents and the wider school community as encountered by the future teacher, as well as managing responsibilities, stress, and job hunting. As a culmination of their experience in the public schools, student teachers complete the Teacher Education Program's performance assessment, called the "Four Envelopes Process" and present their work to the College and local community. Please note: Student teachers follow the calendar of the public school to which they are assigned.
Prerequisite: Admission to the Teacher Education Program one year in advance and Student Teaching Placement approved in the previous semester