Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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EDU 435 Curriculum Fieldwork K-12

Students independently travel to and work with assigned local teacher (K-6, or 9-12) for the duration of the semester. Students are expected to be at the site at least 10 of the 16 weeks of the semester, with a requirement of 20 contact hours per credit. Students will work closely with the host teacher in order to understand and participate in curriculum design and, as appropriate, instruction. Students will serve in a classroom where they may apply to be placed as a student teacher in a subsequent semester. The class meeting time is reserved for these fieldwork experiences, but the student may arrange different hours for fieldwork with the approval of the instructor and the assigned classroom teacher. Students will complete an extensive observation log and submit a weekly reflective journal This fieldwork course is designed to accompany EDU 402 Secondary School Curriculum or EDU 416 Integrated Curriculum K-6. (Students are evaluated on a pass/fail basis.)