Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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MUS 130 Applied Piano 1-2cr

Students with past keyboard experience may take this course. Literature appropriate to each student's current ability will be chosen from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods of music, and assigned to address the specific needs of each student. Jazz, Ragtime, or other suitable contemporary compositions may be included as a part of each student's study. The focus of this course is to help students develop their technique and their ability to play expressively, and, at the same time, to foster an understanding and an appreciation of the differences among the styles of music from each period. Repeatable using course numbers 131, 230, 231, 330, 331, 430, and 431.
Triad: Artistic Expression (Partial fulfillment)
Prerequisite: MUS 109 Introduction to Music or permission of instructor.