Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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PHI 112 First Philosophy 4cr

Being introduced to the work of great philosophers can be a very good way for students to begin a study of philosophy. There is another equally viable approach, which Descartes called 'First Philosophy.' So understood, philosophy is not so much a subject for study as it is a process of thinking through the most basic of issues very carefully. What is the nature of truth? What can you know and how do you know it? What sorts of things are there: physical, mental, spiritual? What gives something value? Where do I fit in? In exploring the answers suggested by our own experience and thinking, we can gain the philosophical skills needed to compare our work to that of the philosophers who have gone before us. Whatever the method, the point of doing philosophy is the same in the end: to provide a foundation for all the endeavors in our life.
Triad: Philosophy/Religion