Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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PHI 362 Plains Indian Thought 4cr

It has been frequently suggested that traditional American Indian life offers a model of good environmental citizenship. But the detailed model has been sought by homogenizing the ideas of various Indian peoples into a mythical "Native American" view. This course will cover a full range of philosophical issues that arise in the thought of a single cohesive group of Indians often known as the Sioux and especially those people who designate themselves as Oglala. Although the content of this course will betray my connection to these people, it will cover the thought of other plains Indians from the Algonquian, Athabascan, Caddoan, and Kiowa language families and, as counter-point, that of other tribes around them as well.
Triad: Philosophy/Religion
Prerequisite: one previous course in Philosophy or permission of instructor.