Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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SCI 493 Natural Sciences Research Communication 1cr

One of the most essential skills for natural scientists is the ability to investigate, organize, and present concepts and data to their peers-both oral and printed presentations. This is the purpose of the Natural Sciences Seminar presentation. The communication seminar serves as a forum for the presentation and discussion of student research. Each student will present a 20-25 minute oral presentation on his/her research project and submit a formal thesis for the College archives. The formal paper, begun as a report in SCI 486-489 Natural Sciences Research, contains a complete description of the research project and the final results. In addition, the seminar brings together the staff and students in the natural sciences to exchange ideas and perspectives. Students may not enroll in SCI 493 during the same semester that they enroll in SCI 491 or SCI 492. The scheduling for the seminar presentation takes place during Research Design (SCI 390) one year before the presentation so that students may plan their research time. Natural Sciences Research Communication and Natural Sciences Seminar Attendance must be taken in separate semesters.