Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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THR 100 Performance Fundamentals 4cr

Students investigate the meaning, function, and nature of performance through the experience of performing itself. The course is intended for students with various levels of performing experience, including those with no experience at all, and includes simple physical and vocal exercises. Through performing for each other and eventually the public, as well as through reading, discussing, and writing about various texts, students seek answers to such questions as: What exactly constitutes a performance? What is the function of the spectator? What is the difference between live and recorded performance? What does it mean to be present as a performer? Who is the performer when she or he is performing? What is a mask and what can it do? Is performing putting on a mask or taking off a mask? What is the relationship between a mask (persona) and personality? For whom are we performing? When are we not performing? The class culminates in the public presentation of a performance.
Triad: Artistic Expression