Warren Wilson College Catalog 07-08

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WRI 381 Research in Creative Writing 4cr

This course is founded on the argument that good writing is supported and sustained by good information. Students relatively new to creative writing (and many readers) are not aware of the substantial work many creative writers do to give their work a solid grounding in fact. Students may develop projects in poetry, fiction or nonfiction that draw upon previous studies in both creative writing and other subjects. They will link these projects to the pursuit of information discovered through individual research, current course work in other subjects, and the assistance of librarians and other faculty, when appropriate. Students will develop a research plan specific to their project(s). We will read work of published authors to detect the underpinning that research provides.
Prerequisites: WRI 140 Creative Writing Introduction and either WRI 210 Creative Writing: Playwriting or WRI 211 Creative Writing: Poetry or WRI 222 Creative Writing: Fiction or permission of instructor.